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Remembering Mutulu Shakur Stepfather of 2Pac, Passes Away at 72.

With great sadness we received the news of the passing of Mutulu Shakur, the stepfather of the legendary rapper 2Pac. Reports indicate that he peacefully departed from this world at the age of 72 on Thursday night, July 6. The announcement was made by activist Kamau Franklin, who took to Twitter to share this heartfelt update. Franklin described Shakur as a revered veteran of the New Afrikan movement, a dedicated member of the Black Liberation Army, and an influential figure in the life of Tupac Shakur.

Mutulu Shakur's journey was one marked by immense resilience and unwavering dedication to his beliefs. He spent an astounding 36 years behind bars, where he was unjustly held as a political prisoner and a prisoner of war. However, the tides shifted when he was finally granted early release in November of 2022. This decision was based on his diagnosis of a rare and incurable form of blood cancer, which left him with a limited prognosis of approximately six months to live.

In July of the same year, a doctor at the prison acknowledged the severe decline in Shakur's health, stating that his physical and mental condition rendered him incapable of committing any further crimes. The parole commission recognized this, emphasizing that he no longer posed a threat to society. Upon his release, Shakur expressed profound gratitude, telling NBC News, “​​I’m so happy to be free,” Shakur told NBC News upon his release. “I fought hard every day that I was incarcerated. I have a lot to do, hoping that society gives me another swing at it. But my life is an example of what could happen. I am very hopeful.”

Throughout his time in prison, Mutulu Shakur had become an iconic figure, renowned for his activism and his involvement in various Black nationalist groups. He was seen by many of his admirers as a symbol of resilience, a man who stood firmly for his principles despite the adversities he faced. His supporters consistently championed his cause, regarding him as a "political prisoner" and tirelessly advocating for his release from the confines of his imprisonment.

While Mutulu Shakur's physical presence may no longer grace this world, his legacy as a fighter for justice and his commitment to the upliftment of his community will continue to resonate. His indomitable spirit and the sacrifices he made will serve as an inspiration for generations to come. As we mourn his loss, we also celebrate the enduring impact he had on the pursuit of equality and liberation. May his soul rest in power, and may his memory forever guide us towards a more just and compassionate society.

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