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Investigation Underway: 50 Cent Faces Probe for Microphone Throwing Incident

In a dramatic turn of events, media mogul 50 Cent has found himself at the center of a criminal battery investigation. The controversy erupted when he forcefully hurled a microphone into the crowd during his electrifying performance, accidentally striking a Los Angeles radio show host.

Many sources of online videos confirm the incident. The backdrop to this incident was 50 Cent's Final Lap tour, which had made its stop in downtown L.A. Unfortunately, a few of his microphones malfunctioned during the show, provoking visible frustration from the famed "Power" and "BMF" producer.

During the first instance of microphone malfunction, 50 Cent flung it into the front row with minimal impact. However, his vexation grew when the second microphone also failed him. Without restraint, he threw it with the force of a baseball into the crowd, inadvertently hitting Bryhana Monegain, a host from Power 106 radio station, on her forehead. The impact left Monegain with a significant head injury, evident from the visible blood.

What initially seemed like an unfortunate incident took a more serious turn when Monegain filed a police report against 50 Cent. TMZ reported that Monegain had submitted a report to the Los Angeles Police Department, accusing Curtis Jackson (50 Cent's real name) of deliberately aiming the microphone at her. According to Monegain, 50 Cent had direct eye contact with her before launching the microphone her way. However, the report does not provide any insight into the reason behind 50 Cent's alleged outburst towards the radio personality.

As the investigation unfolds, 50 Cent has remained silent on the matter publicly. While he has yet to address the investigation, he did share a glimpse of a heartwarming side note. In an Instagram post addressed to his 30 million followers, he revealed that his son had enjoyed the show immensely. "My LA show was SIRE-approved," he expressed, referring to his son. "He said man that was crazy! My little man could feel the love," he concluded, reflecting on the positive aspects of the event.

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