ASAP Bari Gets Jumped at Basketball Court, Reacts by Claiming He Knocked Somebody for Chain Theft - WhatsOnRap

ASAP Bari's Candid Response to Viral Video of New York Jumping Incident

The spotlight turned its attention this time to ASAP Bari, co-founder of the renowned A$AP Mob, as an unexpected incident unfolded at a basketball court. It was August 1st, and a video started making rounds on social media, capturing Bari engaged in a physical altercation.

In the viral clip, Bari, a native of Harlem, found himself in a heated brawl with multiple individuals. The scene played out with intensity, as Bari confronted a smaller man, clad in a white T-shirt and red shorts. A crowd of spectators surrounded them, witnessing the tense confrontation. As emotions escalated, others soon joined in the scuffle.

As if that weren't enough, another person suddenly sneaked up behind Bari, delivering a series of punches to the back of his head, leaving him cornered and outnumbered. However, just when it seemed like the situation might spiral out of control, two individuals intervened, successfully diffusing the tension and separating the groups involved.

In response to the incident, Bari took to his Instagram Story to address the matter. He revealed that the altercation had been provoked by an incident that occurred years ago when someone stole his chain. With a hint of bravado, he recounted the story, stating that he had confronted the thief and "knocking out," which led to the subsequent confrontation on the basketball court.

The streetwear designer's Instagram posts shed light on the challenges he faces regularly in the public eye. He expressed his frustration with people hating on him and even rappers mentioning him in their songs. Yet, amidst the drama, Bari maintained a certain level of coolness, suggesting that the best course of action is to enjoy a great meal and prepare for yet another successful payday.

In a subsequent post, Bari provided further clarification, stating that he didn't intend to dwell on the matter any longer. He emphasized that the chain-stealing incident had taken place two years ago, and he acted in self-defense when he encountered the perpetrator again. With a sense of pride in his tough persona, Bari proclaimed that he stood his ground, even when faced with multiple opponents, showcasing his true Harlem spirit.

As the dust settled from the altercation, another individual involved in the fight emerged with minor injuries, which he proudly displayed while taunting Bari. The moment was captured on video, where the man was seen wearing a blood-stained VLONE T-shirt as he hurled insults towards the A$AP Mob member. Bari, on the other hand, responded by sharing a close-up image of his own bruised eye, proving that he had endured his share of blows during the skirmish.

Prior to this street brawl, Bari faced a different kind of challenge when his former friend and collaborator, A$AP Rocky, took a verbal jab at him during a performance at Rolling Loud Miami. Rocky modified the lyrics of "Telephone Calls" to call out Bari, hinting at possible underlying tensions due to sexual misconduct allegations surrounding Bari. Fans speculated that these allegations might have triggered the lyrical attack.

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