Bobbi Althoff Says Lil Yachty Was “Awkward” , Did Lil Yachty Joins Drake In Cutting Ties With Her - WhatsOnRap

Bobbi Althoff and Lil Yachty in an interview setting.

Bobbi Althoff recently shared her candid experience before her interview with Lil Yachty, revealing that the encounter was rather uncomfortable. Speaking on a podcast, Althoff described the awkward atmosphere during her visit to Yachty's home. She explained how Yachty's own awkwardness contributed to the discomfort, making the situation even more challenging for her.

"When I walked into his house, it was super awkward because he's really kind of awkward. And, I've heard that going into it, but me with another awkward person is like – I think it's because you guys aren't awkward, maybe that's why. Because he was awkward," Althoff revealed, discussing the initial moments of their meeting. She went on to recount that Yachty didn't even greet her upon arrival, prompting her to suggest going to the bathroom as a way to ease into the situation.

However, the awkwardness persisted. Althoff detailed the moments when they returned from the bathroom, with Yachty seemingly ignoring her presence and engrossed in his assistants' company. Eventually, he greeted her with a half-hearted hug, but the tension continued to loom.

"I'm just like, dude, I don't even want to do this. I'm texting my friend like, 'Ashley, I need to leave, this is so awkward. What am I doing here?'" Althoff confessed. Despite her reservations, her friend encouraged her to embrace the awkwardness during the interview, which ultimately helped ease the situation and allowed the conversation to flow more naturally.

While Althoff's interview with Lil Yachty was marked by an uncomfortable start, she's been engaging with other high-profile rappers recently. Her discussion with Drake touched on his love life and Tyga's music. Interestingly, Althoff and Drake have since unfollowed each other on social media and , and she seems to have deleted any content from her Drake interview, although the reasons behind this move remain unclear.

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