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Joe Budden Reconciles with Gillie & Wallo Amid Podcast Banter

Joe Budden has effectively put an end to the discord with fellow podcast hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, but not without addressing their previous subtle jabs during their appearance on The Breakfast Club a few months ago.

During a recent episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy's prior appearance was discussed, which revolved around their ranking on Complex's Hip Hop Media Power Ranking. Within this conversation, Gillie and Wallo playfully poked fun at the top-ranked Joe Budden, highlighting his lack of video ads and his penchant for casual sponsor mentions.

However, in the latest episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, posted on Sunday (August 20), Joe Budden didn't shy away from expressing his displeasure at their remarks. He openly admitted his dissatisfaction, revealing that he was even on the verge of confronting them in person. He stated, "I didn't like that conversation you all had up here. I almost drove up here."

Interestingly, just a few days prior (August 16), Million Dollaz Worth of Game shared a YouTube video capturing Joe Budden arriving at Gillie's residence for a recording of their podcast. Gillie, with his characteristic humor, jokingly taunted Budden about his tardiness, quipping, "Look at this guy. The old man took an hour and a half to get here, and now he needs to put his shoes back on. We don't want to hear any of that proper talking, you're on 'n***a time.'"

Wallo joined the banter, playfully teasing, "This is what you look like when you're two rappers and it's over. We're celebrating the 50th year of Hip Hop, these are two ancient dinosaurs of Hip Hop. This guy made $3,700 his whole rap career. Joe probably made about $77,000."

Budden responded candidly, admitting, "It messed me up too," and then telling Wallo, "Get your YouTube hype out of here."

The video then transitioned to the trio sharing a jovial moment during the podcast recording. The good-natured roasting carried on after filming, as Gillie Da Kid playfully roasted Joe Budden's outfit, cementing the camaraderie that seems to have rekindled between the podcasters.

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