Keefe D is Now Facing "Imminent Charges" In Connection His Involvement In The Murder of Tupac Shakur - WhatsOnRap

Keefe D's potential involvement in 2Pac murder case

The case surrounding 2Pac's tragic murder has gained significant momentum in recent weeks, with indications that law enforcement is poised to take action against Duane "Keefe D" Davis, a former leader of the Compton Crip gang.

According to a report from The Sun, Keffe D, who once boasted about his role in the assassination of 2Pac (whose real name was Tupac Shakur), is now on the brink of facing imminent charges. The Las Vegas homicide division is leading the charge in revisiting this nearly 27-year-old cold case.

Supported by the district attorney's office, sources suggest that a substantial case has been meticulously assembled against the childhood friend of the iconic N.W.A. frontman, Eazy-E. It is anticipated that this compelling evidence will be presented to a confidential jury next month.

A wealth of evidence, including eyewitness accounts pertaining to 2Pac's tragic demise and Keefe's alleged involvement, is expected to be laid before the grand jury. However, the former gang leader will be absent from these proceedings. It will be within the confines of this grand jury that the determination will be made as to whether the presented evidence meets the threshold required for prosecution.

Moreover, insiders from The Sun report that the district attorney's office is contemplating the possibility of pursuing first-degree murder charges against Keefe D, in accordance with Nevada law.

At the age of 60, Keefe has granted numerous interviews and authored a self-published memoir titled "Compton Street Legend," in which he purportedly admitted to his role in the tragic shooting of 'Pac. He recounted riding in the vehicle and allegedly passing the murder weapon to his nephew, Orlando Anderson, who is believed to have fired the fatal shots.

These latest developments follow the recent search of Davis' residence by law enforcement, as part of the ongoing investigation into the rapper's untimely death. This search yielded a range of items, including computers, hard drives, and magazine articles dating back to the 1990s that were related to 'Pac. Additionally, photographs of individuals who may have had connections, either direct or indirect, to the shooting were discovered, along with copies of Davis' 2019 book.

While investigators have long maintained that the primary shooter is likely deceased (Orlando Anderson was killed in an unrelated gang-related incident in 1998), they remain cautiously optimistic about their prospects of identifying and charging an accomplice.

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