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Kendrick Lamar Explains How 50 Cent Inspired Him to Change His Perspective - WhatsOnRap

Kendrick Lamar's Artistic Shift Inspired by 50 Cent

Kendrick Lamar recently shared a meaningful exchange with rising Nigerian singer, Tems. The encounter took place during an interview for Interview Magazine, where Lamar delved into various aspects of Tems' journey, her upcoming album, and their shared artistic perspectives.

The interview, released on Tuesday (August 29), provided insights into both artists' worlds. Amid discussions about their childhoods, influences, and creative processes, Lamar recalled a powerful quote from 50 Cent that had a profound impact on his career trajectory.

Recounting 50 Cent's perspective on being a "conscious artist," Lamar was struck by the rapper's response to the question. He shared this insight with Tems, explaining how 50's statement about having a conscience as an artist resonated with him deeply. 

Lamar revealed, “Now, I’ve always studied 50 Cent’s music and watched his interviews, and someone asked if he was a conscious artist,” Lamar told Tems. “He said, ‘Yeah, I’m a conscious artist because I have a conscience.’ That shit blew me away. It gave me a different perspective—50 drops a lot of jewels that give me perspective, but that one right there gave me a sense of, okay, a lot of artists live and know how to project duality. That’s the true gift because that’s what life is about in its wholeness. When I seen that I said, ‘I can relate to that,’ and what you’re saying is confirmation that that’s still alive. It’s really dope to hear another artist say it. Lets us know we not crazy.”

Tems concurred with Lamar's sentiments, expressing her commitment to simplifying things to find peace of mind. The conversation highlighted their shared appreciation for artists who navigate the complexities of their artistry while staying true to themselves.

For Tems, who has gained recognition for tracks like "Higher," "Free Mind," and notable collaborations, her upcoming untitled album is poised to propel her to even greater global recognition.

Amidst their discussion, Lamar and Tems explored the struggles and triumphs of their artistic journeys. Tems shared moments of frustration when her unique rhythms and melodies went unrecorded, an experience that Lamar could relate to. He also noted that freestyling to find harmonies and flows is a favorite aspect of his creative process.

As Tems gears up for her album release, this intimate conversation with Kendrick Lamar showcases the down-to-earth and relatable sides of both artists, underscoring their genuine passion for their craft.

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