Memphis Rapper Thurl Kid Releases Highly Anticipated Album "2oo3url" + Exclusive Interview

"2oo3url" by Thurl Kid.

Introducing Thurl Kid, a native of Memphis, who embarked on his rap journey at the tender age of 9, all thanks to the influence of his older brother who was already immersed in the rap world. Middle school temporarily shifted his focus towards sports, but the allure of music resurfaced in 2019. 

It wasn't until 2022 that Thurl Kid decided to take his passion seriously, and it's evident in the impressive 100k views his "Chrome Heart" video has garnered. Notably, Thurl Kid recently delivered a captivating performance at the renowned Rolling Loud Miami during the Dj Holiday Holipalooza event.

Thurl Kid is set to make waves with his forthcoming album, "2oo3url," slated for release on August 25th. This compelling album features 11 tracks, including chart-toppers like "Talk," "Chrome Heart," and "Love." Interestingly, "2oo3url" is a unique showcase, featuring Thurl Kid alongside his alter ego, Thurl, without any additional guest appearances or features. 

The album is a true reflection of Thurl Kid's musical essence, with production credits from his favorite producers such as Jswisha, Torretobag, Bertbeatz, and Gfelds. Additionally, Kenny Stuntin lends his talents to Gunna's track "A Gift And A Curse," adding to the album's allure.

"2oo3url" serves as a significant chapter in the Thurl series, presenting a trilogy that encapsulates Thurl Kid's artistic evolution. The initial phase, "Still Thurl," depicted a teenage enthusiast recording music with nothing more than iPhone headphones and Garageband. 

The subsequent "2oo Thurl" phase saw a young adult navigating life's challenges, all while honing his craft. Now, "2oo3url" marks a crucial stage in Thurl Kid's journey, representing his growth from a young artist to a formidable CEO and boss within the music industry. 

The album's cover art is inspired by the sophistication of James Bond's "Casino Royale," blended with the vibrant energy of "Codename: Kids Next Door." It beautifully captures both the business side of Thurl and the fun, energetic persona of Thurl Kid, delivering an engaging and dynamic musical experience.
Thrul Kid Album Cover Art
The overarching theme of the album "2oo3url" shines a spotlight on Thurl Kid's multifaceted identity. It's a captivating introduction to the artist's dual personas: the assertive, no-nonsense Thurl, and the melodic, vibe-setting Thurl Kid. Much like an action-packed movie, "2oo3url" showcases Thurl's direct and aggressive approach, while Thurl Kid brings a chill and inviting atmosphere, setting the tone for an engaging musical experience.

During the creation of the album, all the tracks were crafted between the years 2021 and 2022, a period when Thurl Kid was navigating through various life situations. The recording process was intimate, taking place in his own bedroom within his mom's home. Remarkably, the album took shape over a mere three days, highlighting the artist's dedication and rapid artistic flow.

"2oo3url" stands apart from Thurl Kid's earlier releases with its heightened aggression and darker beats. The substance of the album delves deeper, offering a more profound exploration of life's intricacies and challenges, showcasing Thurl Kid's evolution as an artist.

Thurl Kid faced a significant challenge while creating this album. He took on the responsibility of mixing and mastering himself, opting not to rely on an external engineer to avoid any potential mishaps. This hands-on approach added an extra layer of complexity to the project but ensured that the final result truly represented his vision.

Through "2oo3url," Thurl Kid intends to motivate listeners towards financial success, staying focused, navigating adversity, and managing relationships. The album acts as a motivational beacon, offering valuable life insights and encouraging a resilient mindset.

Among the album's impactful tracks, "Iso" holds personal significance as it narrates a pivotal incident in Thurl Kid's life, a valuable lesson learned in the streets and beyond. Another meaningful track is "8760," resonating deeply as it mirrors his own life. It reflects the hustle and hard work he and those around him put in, underscoring the importance of utilizing the 8,760 hours in a year effectively.

"2oo3url" stands as a solo project, showcasing Thurl Kid's individual talent without any external features or collaborations. Thurl Kid plans to promote the album through an exciting tour, with a focus on college campuses. This strategy aims to connect with his existing fan base while reaching out to new audiences.

Stay tuned for the "2oo3url Tour," an event series designed to support the album's release, giving fans an opportunity to experience Thurl Kid's music live. 

Following the album release, Thurl Kid has a busy schedule ahead. He's working on a deluxe edition of "2oo3url," a collaboration with Kenny Stuntin for "Thurl Stuntin," and a project titled "Almighty Thurl So," promising an exciting continuation of his musical journey.

The sound of this Album draws inspiration from a range of notable figures in the industry, including Chief Keef, Lil Uzi Vert, and Money Man. Thurl Kid's lifestyle in the vibrant city of Houston, TX, has also significantly influenced the album's musical direction, blending these influential sources into a unique and captivating auditory experience.

Upon immersing themselves in the entirety of the Album, listeners will come away with a sense of its completeness and versatility. "2oo3url" showcases a well-rounded vibe that resonates with diverse audiences, encapsulating the essence of Thurl Kid's artistic vision. No specific tracks presented particular challenges during the creation or recording process for this Album.

Thurl Kid impressively crafted the entire album in a mere three days, recording a total of 15 songs. With thoughtful consideration, he narrowed down the selection to 11 tracks, enlisting the help of his trusted collaborators, making sure each track fits seamlessly within the project.

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Throughout the Album, common themes emerge, primarily centered around the pursuit of financial success and a vibrant young adult lifestyle. These motifs form a consistent backdrop, adding depth and relatability to the music.

"2oo3url" is deeply rooted in Thurl Kid's real-life experiences, reflecting the journey he has undertaken as both an individual and an artist. His personal evolution serves as a driving force behind the album's creation.

Looking ahead, Thurl Kid has exciting plans for physical releases, including vinyl records, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and stylish T-shirts, all of which will complement the Album's release, providing fans with tangible memorabilia. Early feedback from fans and even music executives has been overwhelmingly positive. The Album's sneak peek has been well-received, underscoring the anticipation and excitement surrounding its full release.

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For aspiring musicians and budding rappers embarking on their industry journey, Thurl Kid offers valuable advice. He emphasizes the importance of learning to record oneself, with minimal equipment - a laptop, a microphone, and a digital audio workstation (DAW), along with the invaluable resource of online tutorials. Thurl Kid encourages aspiring artists to believe in themselves unwaveringly and maintain consistent efforts, regardless of the level of support received, emphasizing the transformative power of persistence and hard work.

We were able to acquire an exclusive interview with an amazing young talented rapper Thrul Kid, using WhatsOnRap as one of the most popular and significant sources. 

The discussion with our special guest went incredibly well and was interesting. We had the opportunity to ask him questions about his new album "2oo3url," and he also shared a few thoughts with us that may spark your curiosity as a fan or follower. 

Read The Full Interview Below:

1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background in music?‬ 

Thurl Kid, I have been making music since 2019 but started taking it seriously in 2022.

‪2. What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how did you get started as a rapper?‬ 

I grew up around music. My mom and dad loved music. My dad used to have mixtapes and my brother was a rapper.

‪3. How old are you, and how do you think your age and life experiences have influenced your music?‬

 I’m 23yrs old. My age and life experiences influence my music a lot. I have a young fun flow but I have substance.

‪4. Can you tell us the name of your new Album, and explain what it means to you?‬ 

2oo3url which means I’m Too Thurl. I turned 23 which explains the 2 and 3.

‪5. What do you hope to accomplish with the release of this Album, both personally and professionally?‬

Solidifying myself as one of the best artists out and that I’m really one of them ones. I had a lot of people doubt me and laughed when I told them I’m taking music seriously. This album is for my day one fans and for my haters to keep hating because I have more music on the way. 

‪6. How would you describe your style of rap or hip-hop, and what sets you apart from other artists in the genre?‬ 

My style is very melodic and vibe oriented, but my substance is what sets me apart from the other artists. I’m talking about making money, taking care of the family, and working.

‪7. Can you discuss any musical or lyrical influences that played a role in shaping the sound of this Album?‬ 

Chief Keef, Lil Uzi Vert, and Money Man

‪8. Do you have any upcoming performances or shows planned to promote the Album?‬ 

I’m planning a 2oo3url tour in September or october.

‪9. How do you balance the creative aspects of making music with the business side of the industry?

Simple. I handle business first and then I focus on creating. I combine the two because I understand that its a business.

‪10. Finally, where can listeners find your new Album, and how can they keep up with your future projects and releases?‬ 

All platforms and my website:


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