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Wack 100's Warning: Akademiks' Remarks on SZA Under Fire

In a recent turn of events that's ignited discussions across the music realm, Wack 100, a seasoned music manager renowned for his candid approach, has raised a firm cautionary flag towards Akademiks. This comes in response to Akademiks' recent comments about SZA, which included derogatory remarks such as labeling her as a "fat mini Lizzo."

Wack 100 addressed Akademiks' audacious statements during his 100 ENT show on Clubhouse, a platform well-known for its unfiltered discussions. He wasted no time in expressing his concern, describing Akademiks' actions as a "dangerous game" and suggesting that the podcaster was treading on thin ice by demeaning SZA, a notable figure in the TDE music roster.

During his candid dialogue, Wack 100 not only revealed that he had engaged in a conversation with Akademiks regarding this matter, but also highlighted the potential repercussions of attacking a respected Black female artist who has a considerable following, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community. Wack underscored that such a move could ignite a firestorm of backlash, potentially causing harm to Akademiks' own career.

Acknowledging that Akademiks is a YouTube blogger known for his verbal counterattacks, Wack 100 emphasized the seriousness of the situation. He stated, "Now, I really think Ak playing a dangerous game because you are attacking a Black woman." Drawing attention to the intense loyalty of SZA's fans, as well as fans of other prominent female artists like Beyoncé and Meg Thee Stallion, Wack 100 asserted that a considerable portion of these fans hail from the LGBTQ+ community. He cautioned that they possess the power to rally against perceived injustices, possibly targeting platforms like Spotify, where Akademiks holds a contract.

"Posse-ing up" and engaging in protests against Spotify could become a rallying cry against what they perceive as derogatory behavior towards Black women, Wack 100 warned. He even delved into the potential consequences of portraying certain situations in a negative light, mentioning the possibility of misconstruing domestic incidents. Wack 100 cautioned Akademiks about the risks of finding himself in precarious situations, alluding to the idea that his actions could have far-reaching implications.

The controversy didn't begin with SZA. Akademiks had previously taken a jab at TDE's president, Terrence "Punch" Henderson, implying that he was attempting to exert control over him in a manner reminiscent of the notorious Suge Knight. However, Akademiks had made it clear that such tactics didn't intimidate him, stating, "None of y’all are Suge Knight. You don’t strike fear in my heart."

Wack 100, in his Clubhouse address, sought to clarify his stance. While he defended SZA and expressed concern about Akademiks targeting her, he acknowledged that Punch wasn't a "street dude." However, he raised a startling possibility that one of Akademiks' other adversaries could exploit the situation, potentially casting blame on Punch or TDE.

Akademiks' derogatory tirade against SZA during a Rumble stream came under heavy scrutiny. Acknowledging that he had consumed alcohol before his offensive comments, he delved into a degrading discussion about SZA's appearance, even critiquing her body shape and alleged enhancement surgeries.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, clashes of words and personalities can quickly escalate. Wack 100's warning to Akademiks serves as a reminder that while the realm of free speech and expression is vast, it's imperative to exercise responsibility and respect, especially when it comes to addressing fellow artists and their personal attributes. As this saga continues to unfold, the industry watches with bated breath, contemplating the potential implications of such vocal exchanges.