50 Cent Clowns Ja Rule Over His Jesus Stage Move: “Is He Supposed To Be Jesus?” - WhatsOnRap

 50 Cent Mocks Ja Rule for Controversial Jesus Stunt

50 Cent and Ja Rule, iconic figures in hip-hop, engage in an ongoing feud.

In the unending saga of their long-standing feud, 50 Cent seizes yet another opportunity to ridicule Ja Rule. The 48-year-old rapper couldn't resist sharing his thoughts on Ja Rule’s recent performance at the BMI R&B Hip-Hop Awards. This spectacle featured Ja Rule, known for hits like “Put It On Me,” performing his 2020 single “One of Us” while theatrically tied to a cross. 

Fif found immense amusement in this, promptly taking to social media to mock his rival’s unique and religiously inspired set that unfolded at LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida.

Sharing a clip of the performance on Instagram, the rapper and television producer didn't hold back: “Look at this sht head,” he wrote in the caption. He questioned whether Ja Rule intended to portray Jesus and criticized the use of the cross as a prop, deeming it a "stupid" idea. "WTF you can’t make this sht up.”

Throughout the year, 50 Cent has been targeting Ja Rule for what he perceives as embarrassing moments, both recent and from the past. The animosity between the two has persisted for almost a quarter-century. Earlier this year in January, 50 Cent responded to a clip of his own 2003 chart-topping hit “In Da Club” being played by the DJ at an event where Ja Rule was scheduled to perform.

While he made it clear he wasn't behind the incident, 50 Cent took to social media to revel in getting a rise out of Ja Rule and his team, albeit indirectly. He shared a clip from the concert on Instagram with the caption, “Now this is some funny sh*t!”

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