50 Cent Mocks Fredro Starr Over Michael Jordan Comments: 'Wtf Is Wrong With These Guys?' - WhatsOnRap

50 Cent Clowns Fredro Starr Over Michael Jordan Comments

50 Cent Takes a Jab at Fredro Starr for Bizarre Michael Jordan Remarks

50 Cent is no stranger to poking fun at his fellow artists, and his latest target is Fredro Starr, who made some rather bold claims about influencing Michael Jordan’s iconic bald look.

In a recent VladTV interview, the Onyx rapper boldly asserted that his group played a role in inspiring the Chicago Bulls legend to adopt his famous clean-shaven look in the ’90s.

“Michael Jordan cut his hair bald because of Onyx,” he confidently stated. “Do the knowledge, n-gga. I know for a fact — what year did Michael Jordan cut his hair bald?”

While Starr didn’t delve into the specifics of this influence, 50 Cent was far from convinced about the legitimacy of this claim.

“Ooo nah this is [cap emoji],” he commented alongside the clip of Starr, accompanied by a series of meme reactions. “I’m not gonna say anything because I don’t have to. LOL [facepalm emoji] SMH [confused emoji] WTF is wrong with these guys?”

It's worth noting that 50 Cent and Onyx share a history, with the group giving the budding mogul a significant boost with a feature on their 1998 track, “React.” Both acts were signed to Jam Master Jay‘s label in the ’90s, although Fif's tenure there was brief. After parting ways, his relationship with his fellow Queens MCs soured, culminating in a physical altercation with Fredo Starr.

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