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50 Cent's Former Worker Who Stole $2 Million Pleads Guilty 

50 Cent's Ex-Employee Pleads Guilty to $2.2M Fraud Scheme
In what appears to be another legal triumph for the mogul 50 Cent, former employee Mitchell Green has pleaded guilty to involvement in a fraud scheme linked to 50's Sire Spirits company. Green's admission includes accepting a substantial $2.2 million in kickbacks from the said enterprise. This development follows a civil court lawsuit a few years prior, where 50 Cent sued Green for a range of mispractices, resulting in a $6 million verdict against Green.

Taking to Instagram to respond, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of the news report with a caption alluding to the involvement of Beam Suntory in the situation. His caption reads, "Beam Suntory got me into this mess with these people. They are not going to like the outcome." Fans weighed in on the thread, discussing 50 Cent's consistent encounters with legal matters. One top comment aptly states, "50 is the real definition of 'my money by Monday.'" Another commenter emphasizes how meticulous 50 is with his finances, asserting that he pays attention down to the last dime.

Recently, 50 Cent experienced a moment he'd been hoping for—a bra was tossed onto the stage during one of his shows. Earlier in the summer, he expressed a desire for the same treatment as Drake, who frequently receives bras flung onto the stage at his concerts. Evidently, one fan took note and fulfilled 50 Cent's wish at a recent performance.

Additionally, 50 Cent has recently rekindled some of his longstanding feuds. He and Ja Rule engaged in a back-and-forth exchange, with 50 Cent targeting a performance where Ja portrayed himself as Jesus, and Ja responding in kind, referencing 50's mic-throwing incident from the previous month. This incident wasn't exclusive to Ja Rule, as The Game also made a similar post. As the saga unfolds, 50 Cent continues to navigate both his legal victories and ongoing rivalries.

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