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50 Cent Tells Funny Gym Story About Drake and Michael Jackson's Identity Mistake

50 Cent's Entertaining Gym Tale: Drake, Michael Jackson, and Mistaken Identity
In an unexpected turn of events, 50 Cent found himself embroiled in a comical case of mistaken identity while hitting the gym. Sporting a Drake tour T-shirt adorned with Drizzy's iconic eyes, the G-Unit frontman unwittingly became the subject of a curious mix-up.

Taking to social media, 50 Cent gleefully shared the humorous incident with his fans. While clad in Drake's current tour attire, he caught the attention of a woman who, believing she had correctly identified his musical preference, inquired if he was a fan of Michael Jackson. Puzzled by the question, 50 Cent initially dismissed the notion, attributing it to a simple misunderstanding. It was only after a quick online search that he made a surprising discovery.

"I’m in the gym working out and this girl says you like Michael Jackson?" 50 Cent wrote in the post below. "I said this a Drake shirt fool, then I googled and this popped up. WTF. I had to apologize."

As it turns out, the late King of Pop had released merchandise during his Dangerous World Tour in 1992 that bore a striking resemblance to the Drake T-shirt. This revelation left 50 Cent both amused and enlightened, prompting him to extend an apology for the unintentional mix-up.

Beyond this amusing anecdote, the connection between Drake and Michael Jackson runs deeper than meets the eye. Drake seamlessly integrated unreleased vocals from MJ into his 2018 track "Don't Matter to Me," solidifying the enduring influence of the King of Pop in contemporary music.

Furthermore, 50 Cent isn't the lone rapper to draw inspiration from Michael Jackson's legacy. Offset, in preparation for his upcoming solo album "Set It Off," channeled the iconic style of MJ's "Thriller" era. This homage culminated in a visual for his track "Fan," where Offset replicated the legendary fashion and even paid the ultimate tribute with a sizable tattoo of MJ's visage on his stomach.

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