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50 Cent Finally Gets Treated Like Drake After Fan Thrown Their Bra At Him

50 Cent Gets His 'Drake Treatment' Moment on Tour

This has been a hard few weeks for 50 Cent during his "The Final Lap" tour. The seasoned rapper has encountered a string of controversies in recent shows. However, amidst the tumult, there appears to be a glimmer of positivity for 50. 

Earlier in the summer, the rapper voiced his discontent about his treatment on tour. In a comical outburst shared on his Instagram, he compared his experience to Drake's, who routinely has bras thrown at him by fans during his performances. Finally, during a recent show, 50 got his moment. A new video clip circulating shows the rapper beaming as a bra is tossed onto the stage during his performance.

One of 50 Cent's most significant controversies arose from technical difficulties during a show. Frustrated by the recurring microphone malfunctions, he decided to vent his anger by hurling the mic into the crowd. Unfortunately, this choice resulted in an unintended consequence, as it struck a radio host in the face, leading to viral images of her injuries and even prompting a battery investigation. Additionally, it rekindled tensions with old adversaries like Ja Rule and The Game, who criticized 50 for his behavior.

Shortly after the microphone incident, 50 found himself embroiled in another controversy during a show. He had planned a surprise appearance by Lil Wayne at one of his tour stops, but things didn't go as expected. Moments before Wayne was slated to go on stage, he reportedly had a confrontation with one of 50's production staff backstage. Clearly displeased, Wayne decided to leave.

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