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Blueface and Lil Baby Come to an Agreement About Chrisean Rock’s  Parenting Concerns

Blueface and Lil Baby Unite in Response to Chrisean Rock's Parenting Critiques.

Blueface and Lil Baby have reached an understanding regarding the public scrutiny of Chrisean Rock's parenting skills, sparked by a viral video depicting her not adequately supporting her newborn's head in a Walmart.

Friday (Sept. 22), Blueface took to Twitter, to empathize with Chrisean Rock's journey into parenthood. In a tweet, Blueface urged compassion for the mother of his recent child. The 26-year-old rapper also acknowledged his past behavior and pledged to be more considerate towards the Baltimore artist.

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"I know she's going through a lot and it's not easy," Blueface stated. "No neighborhood is tougher than parenthood, so I won't be unkind to her anymore because her emotional state affects how my son's day goes."

He added, "Let's support her to be more responsible and accountable this time around. Come on Rock, we've got this, I'm here."Later on, Lil Baby also took to X and expressed his agreement with Blue's sentiments about Chrisean.

This newfound unity between Lil Baby and Blueface follows their recent online jabs at each other on X. The feud began when Blueface released his track "Baby Momma Drama," where he aimed disses at Baby.

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