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Blueface’s Mom Goes Off on Chrisean Rock for Being Careless With Newborn Baby

Blueface's Mom Worries About Chrisean Rock's Newborn Care

Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold, is expressing her deep concern regarding a viral video showing Chrisean Rock mishandling the couple's newborn baby.

In a video posted on Thursday (September 21), Saffold passionately addresses the distressing footage of Chrisean Rock at Walmart, displaying a careless hold on her and Blueface's newborn. The baby is positioned in a way that strains the child's back and neck, a sight that greatly troubles Saffold.
"Got my goddamn baby in the grocery store with the goddamn s**t folded over, and he doing the backbend like he in goddamn gymnastics already,"
In her candid video, Saffold expresses her frustration, emphasizing the potential harm this could cause to the baby's delicate frame. She metaphorically describes the situation, likening the baby's posture to a backbend as if they were already engaged in gymnastics. Saffold is unequivocal in her disapproval, emphasizing that she does not hold any regard for the parties involved, including Cali's first baby daddy, her husband, and others she deems unfit.
"I don't like none of them muthaf**kas," she added. "Cali's first baby daddy, her husband, none of the raggedy muthaf**kas. They couldn't even lift up more weights than me. I don't know why my kids out here running around with goddamn weirdos...People who write on themselves is at the Walmart," she continued. "What was wrong with the Stater Bros. or Target? The muthaf**kas who write on themselves wasn't gon' be in there and pull out the camera and make you look stupid."

She even voices her skepticism about the character of those surrounding her children, stating that they couldn't even lift heavier weights than her. Saffold appears to be deeply troubled by the fact that her kids are associating with what she terms as 'weirdos'. She goes on to express her disdain for people with visible tattoos, indicating her preference for different stores like Stater Bros. or Target.

Saffold's message is clear - she is deeply concerned about the well-being and safety of her grandchild and expresses her discontent with the situation in no uncertain terms. Her emotional plea underscores the importance of responsible and attentive care for infants, underlining her maternal instincts and love for her family.

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