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Chrisean Rock Already Planning To Get Pregnant Again In Six Weeks

Chrisean Rock Talks About Future Pregnancy Plans After Welcoming Chrisean Jr.
Chrisean Rock, the famous rapper and reality star, recently welcomed her first child, Chrisean Jr., and it seems like motherhood is suiting her just fine. She's been openly sharing her joy with fans through various online platforms, showcasing the precious moments with her bundle of joy. In fact, it seems she's so enamored with the experience that she's already considering expanding her family once more.
In a candid conversation with friends, the 23-year-old expressed her eagerness for a second pregnancy. "Yeah, I'ma be pregnant in the next what, six months. Beware," she playfully announces. Curious about the recommended waiting period between pregnancies, she seeks advice from her friend, asking, "Hold on, when do you get off this break? Eight, six weeks?" With a glint of excitement in her eyes, Chrisean confidently asserts, "Yeah, I'm getting pregnant in six weeks."

While Chrisean exudes confidence in her new role as a mother, it hasn't been without its challenges. Shortly after giving birth, there was public friction between her and the baby's father, Blueface. He raised concerns about her parenting, leading to a period of estrangement. However, the two have since reconciled, even starring together in Blueface's music video, "Baby Momma Drama." Before their reconciliation, there were threats of a custody battle.
Chrisean has also faced some criticism regarding her parenting style. A recent incident at Walmart, where a photo captured her child's head positioned somewhat uncomfortably in a carrier, sparked online discussion. Despite the scrutiny, Chrisean remains steadfast in her confidence as a parent, asserting, "Nine times out of ten, I got way more money than advice any of y'all giving me." With her vibrant spirit and determination, it's clear she's embracing this new chapter with zeal and assurance.

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