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Charlamagne Tha God Asserts Role in Drake's 'FOR ALL THE DOGS' Album Rollout, Responds to Diss

Drake and Charlamagne Tha God Playfully Trade shots over 'Slime You Out' Critique

On Monday (Sept. 25), Drake and Charlamagne Tha God found themselves in a verbal tussle following the radio host's critique of the SZA-assisted track "Slime You Out."

Charlamagne's remarks on his podcast "Brilliant Idiots" stirred the pot. "Drake put out a song last Friday [Sept. 15] and… nobody cared. The Drake and SZA record," he noted. "It came out last Friday, and people just started talking about the lyrics yesterday. ‘Cause I saw people posting about how he said something about, ‘Whipped and chained you like a slave.'"

In a swift response, Drake took to his Instagram Stories to brand Charlamagne an “off-brand Morris Chestnut,” questioning his fascination. "Are you okay, Lenard? You’re kinda weirding me out, G. Like you’re really obsessed with me or something for years like you look in the mirror and wish you saw my reflection type st," he penned. "Whatever you gotta do to let it out. I’m sure your 435 loyal fans will stand by you, ya fking goof.”

Predictably, the supposed feud made its way to "The Breakfast Club," where Charlamagne revealed a surprising twist: the sparring is part of their strategy.

“I want to tell y’all something, but you not gonna believe me because I’m lying, but Drake and I plan this out every time he drops an album. I’m part of the album rollout,” he declared. “He drops a record, I critique it, it brings more attention to the record, more attention to the project.”

Charlamagne went on, emphasizing Drake's standing in the industry. “I keep telling Drake he doesn’t need me to do that. He’s Drake. But for whatever reason, he wants me to do it, so I oblige.”

While the authenticity of this revelation remains uncertain, Charlamagne did acknowledge that his prior jabs at Drake were indeed rooted in genuine discontent. He cited a pivotal moment after Drake's "Back to Back" track, when a reconciliatory gesture from the rapper led to a mutual understanding.

“After ‘Back to Back’ and he sent the bottles with the note, ‘Let’s be friends,’ we came to an understanding and we agreed that whenever he dropped certain songs, I would hate on them in order to bring more attention to the record,” Charlamagne explained. “I don’t think he needs it. I think it’s crazy he still wants me to do that.”

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