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Wallo Encourages Rod Wave's Drake Dream Collab

Rod Wave Expresses Wish for Drake Collab, Wallo Steps In.

During an engaging interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Rod Wave, the Florida-based artist, shared his aspirations for a musical collaboration. When asked about his dream collaboration, Wave promptly expressed his admiration for Drake, emphasizing how he's been a fan for a long time. 

He acknowledged Drake's busy schedule and mentioned that meeting him and expressing his appreciation for his music would be more significant to him than creating a joint track. “I really fuck with that boy, Drake, man. I fuck with that boy. I’ve been watching that boy for a longass time,” he said. “I know bro busy, super busy though, feel me?”
Wave clarified that while making a song together wasn't his primary focus, he had a genuine desire to meet certain artists, attend their concerts, and personally convey his respect for their music. This sentiment was not only genuine but also reflected his deep appreciation for the craft. He explained: “It’s crazy you said who I wanna make a song with, like I really ain’t pressed about that shit, but [there’s] certain people I wanna meet, like go to their concert and shake they hand, let em’ know like I rock with your music and shit.”

Although his choice of Drake might not be surprising given his stature in the industry, the interaction took an interesting turn when Wallo immediately took action to connect Rod Wave with the 6 God.

On a separate note, Rod Wave recently took to social media to address false allegations surrounding his personal life. He vehemently refuted rumors of infidelity, asserting the importance of separating fact from fiction, particularly in the realm of celebrity gossip.

This candid revelation by Rod Wave showcases not only his musical aspirations but also his genuine respect for fellow artists, marking him as a talent to watch in the industry. With Wallo's support, who knows, we might just witness a collaboration between the budding star and the renowned 6 God in the near future.

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