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A.I.-Generated Drake and The Weeknd Song “Heart On My Sleeve”

A.I. Crafts Track Blending Drake and The Weeknd Vibes

In a remarkable turn of events, the enigmatic artist known as Ghostwriter gained immense notoriety for their A.I.-crafted track "Heart on My Sleeve," a composition eerily reminiscent of the styles of Drake and The Weeknd. Recently, representatives of this mysterious act divulged in an interview with The New York Times that they've taken the bold step of submitting this controversial creation for consideration at next year’s Grammy Awards.

The audacious move saw "Heart on My Sleeve" being pitched for Best Rap Song and Song of the Year categories. Astonishingly, despite its unconventional genesis involving A.I. technology, Harvey Mason, Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy, firmly asserted its eligibility, citing that at its core, the creative input was human. This revelation marked a groundbreaking moment in the evolving landscape of music creation.

However, this journey hasn't been without its share of tumult. Last April, after amassing an impressive 600,000 plays on Spotify and 275,000 views on YouTube, "Heart on My Sleeve" was abruptly removed from major streaming platforms. This action was precipitated by a wave of public outcry, compelling platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Deezer to expeditiously retract the track from their respective services.

Universal Music Group (UMG) weighed in on the controversy with a stern denouncement, specifically addressing the use of A.I. in music production. UMG's statement highlighted the broader legal and ethical responsibilities platforms bear to safeguard artists from potential harm arising from misuse.

In the wake of the viral surge, Harvey Mason, Jr. personally reached out to Ghostwriter via social media. This initial contact led to an in-depth virtual roundtable discussion facilitated by the Recording Academy. The purpose was to glean a deeper understanding of the potential and implications of A.I. in music creation. During this pivotal meeting, Ghostwriter chose to maintain their anonymity, further shrouding their identity with a deliberately distorted voice.

On a significant note, September 5th saw Ghostwriter's return to the limelight with yet another A.I.-generated offering titled “Whiplash.” This latest creation showcases vocals strikingly reminiscent of Travis Scott and 21 Savage. 

The track not only pays homage to these artists but also slyly addresses the surrounding controversy with lines like “Me and Writer raise a toast/ Trying to shadowban my boy but you can’t kill a ghost." This release represents another intriguing chapter in Ghostwriter's journey, as they continue to challenge conventions in the realm of music production.

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