Drake Gives $50k To A Fan Who Says His Girlfriend Left Him: “Ima Give You 50 Bands So You Can Flex On Her” - WhatsOnRap

Drake Gives $50K To a Dumped Fan To Flex On His Ex

Drake Gifts Fan $50K After Ex-Savings Spent on Concert Tickets

Drake's recent Miami concert became an unforgettable night for one lucky fan. As the pulsating beats filled the Kaseya Center on Friday (Sept. 29), the magnetic presence of the "Slime You Out" rapper caught a poignant moment. A heartfelt sign caught his eye, held by a fan who seemed to have invested not only emotion but also their savings. 

With a wry smile, Drake shared, “Usually I do something nice for a lady … like give away a bag or some shit like that, but my bro right here he said ‘I spent all my savings, buying tickets for me and my ex. But honestly, nevermind, it’s really her loss,’” 

He couldn't help but inquire, “So she ain’t come with you tonight?” he asked as the fan gestured “no.”“What the fuck is wrong with her? And you in here just icy with the gold chain and the sunglasses on?” he asked. Suddenly the crowd started to chant, “fuck that bitch.”
“Hold on, that’s a little aggressive," Drake chuckled, But you know what? She’s gonna feel real fucked up ‘cause I’ma give you fifty bands so you can flex on her,”The audience erupted in jubilant cheers. He continued, “That’s how we doing it tonight, big dog. It’s your night tonight. And I won’t say it like y’all said it but fuck that young lady.”

In a star-studded audience, Tom Brady, Lil Baby, and Rylo Rodriguez bore witness to this spontaneous act of generosity from Drizzy Claus.

Earlier in the week, the Toronto-born rapper had promised a dream trip to Turks and Caicos to a couple who'd forsaken their honeymoon just to attend his Atlanta concert. Later that same night, he transformed a strip club into a flurry of excitement, showering the stage with bills from an oversized plastic container.

This electrifying Miami concert marked the grand finale of Drake's enthralling "It’s All a Blur Tour." Although the release date of his eighth studio album, "For All the Dogs," has been pushed back by two weeks, fans can now anticipate its drop on Oct. 6.

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