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Eminem Shouts Out Lil Wayne For Lyrical Game: “Why Didn’t I Think Of That”

Eminem's Enthusiastic Reaction to Lil Wayne's Witty Lyrics
Eminem and Lil Wayne have forged a deep bond, blending their talents both as collaborators and as avid admirers of each other's artistry. In a recent tweet, Eminem affectionately highlighted his enduring admiration for Wayne, marveling at his fellow rapper's clever wordplay: "Bro Wayne just said “got a bunch of zeros like a bag of new funyuns!!” F*CK why didn’t I think of that????" Damn, why didn't I come up with that???". This witty line stems from their latest joint effort, a track called "Brand New," where Lil Wayne joins forces with YG and Tyga. This infectious tune finds its place on a newly curated playlist by the dynamic California duo.

Recently, Eminem's path crossed once again with another longtime collaborator, 50 Cent. The latter has been setting stages ablaze on his colossal "The Final Lap" Tour throughout the summer, boasting an array of A-list guests. 

Yet, when the tour landed in Detroit, it was Eminem who stole the spotlight. The dynamic duo graced the stage together, igniting a fervor among fans. In the days that followed, both icons took to social media to shower praise on one another, celebrating their decades-long musical partnership.

While Lil Wayne was slated to make a special appearance on 50 Cent's tour, fate had other plans. Just moments before he was set to captivate the audience, an unfortunate incident occurred, leaving him understandably frustrated and ultimately unable to perform.

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