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J. Cole's Manager Denies Claims of NBA YoungBoy Diss in Lil Yachty Collab Amid Fan Speculations

J. Cole's Manager Clarifies Rumors of NBA YoungBoy Diss in Lil Yachty's Track
In response to recent social media speculation, J. Cole's manager, Ibrahim "IB" Hamad, has clarified that the Dreamville rapper did not diss NBA YoungBoy in Lil Yachty's latest track, "The Secret Recipe." Fans had surmised that Cole took a swipe at YoungBoy, prompting IB to address the issue.

IB expressed his disbelief, stating, "I'm pretty sure this is [cap]. Not sure how y’all heard that cole verse and put that together, impressive."

However, some fans argued that competitive banter is a part of the rap game and emphasized Cole's role as an authentic lyricist. One fan commented, "Aint nothing wrong with the diss its competition stop trying to have cole wit this squeaky clean image he a MC to the purest form let him talk that shit!"
The speculated diss lines from Cole's verse read: "N-ggas makin’ threats and I laugh, that’s ’cause you ain’t a threat/Don’t ask how I feel ’bout no rappers, shit, they okay, I guess/Incomin’ call, press the button, the one that say accept/He FaceTime to ask for a feature and saw the face of death."

The tension between J. Cole and NBA YoungBoy traces back to 2021 when Cole allegedly waited eight hours in the studio for YoungBoy, who ultimately did not show up for their scheduled session.

According to Akademiks, "J. Cole waited in the studio for eight hours for YoungBoy to show up. YoungBoy didn’t show up. Facts. These are facts! Your favorite rapper, n-gga. J. Cole? He sat in the studio for eight hours for a session with YoungBoy. YoungBoy never showed up. Let me be fair to YoungBoy. No disrespect to J. Cole, J. Cole’s just a rapper."

NBA YoungBoy responded earlier this year, addressing Cole's behavior in regards to a potential feature, which ultimately led to a rift in their relationship. YoungBoy rapped, "J a ho, that n-gga played it cold, like he was gon’ do a feature/So I texted his line, a muscle sign, I swear it’s gon’ be nice to meet you."

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