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Jadakiss Declares 50 Cent's Tour 'Incredible: 'This Sh*t Is Incredible'

Jadakiss Hails 50 Cent's Final Lap Tour as Unbeatable Live Experience
Jadakiss has not only Supported 50 Cent's Final Lap Tour but has gone on record claiming it's currently the hottest ticket in town, surpassing even the tours of heavyweights like Drake and Beyoncé.

Backstage at a recent stop on this expansive summer journey, Kiss urged fans to snag tickets for a live experience with the G-Unit maestro, putting him ahead of the likes of Drizzy, Queen Bey, and Taylor Swift, all of whom are presently on tour.

“For the music that we do, to see n-ggas up in that kind of caliber, from our cloth of music to have that kind of production and see my n-ggas up there, that shit is incredible,” exclaimed Jada, who has made special appearances at multiple dates on the tour.
“I encourage n-ggas to see this. Beyoncé, you better catch that Final Lap Tour. Drake and 21, the Final Lap. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, catch it. Who else I say? For hardcore Hip Hop lovers and you could only cop one [ticket]?”

While the Final Lap Tour has solidified the bond between 50 Cent and Jadakiss, once adversaries in the 2000s, the same cannot be said for 50’s relationship with former G-Unit comrades Lloyd Banks and Young Buck.
In a video recap of his recent show in New Jersey posted on Instagram, the Queens, New York native didn't hold back, taking shots at the careers of his former signees. 50 Cent has been vocal about his grievances with his former G-Unit comrades for years and firmly shut down any talks of a reunion last year.

As for the Final Lap Tour, the journey recently concluded its North American leg and is now poised to kick off its European run in Amsterdam on Thursday night (September 28). The anticipation among fans on both sides of the Atlantic is palpable.

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