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King Harris Claps Back at Beauty Critics, Draws Playful Muppet Comparisons

King Harris Opens Up on The Marco Show, Addressing Self-Image and Spicy Challenges
King Harris, T.I. and Tiny's son, has been making waves with a recent appearance on The Marco Show. The 19-year-old engaged in a candid conversation with Funny Marco, covering a range of topics.

When asked about what he wants the world to know about him, King delivered a confident response, saying, “What I like to tell people is if I’m the ugliest motherfucker in this world, what does that make you?”

As King spoke, Funny Marco reacted with wide-eyed surprise. The clip also featured an image of a muppet-like character, drawing a visual comparison between King and the character.

Throughout the conversation, King touched on subjects like alcohol, pickles, and Waffle House. While it's unclear what prompted these responses, the mention of Waffle House likely stems from an altercation King had with an employee at the establishment last year due to a botched order.

In a more recent incident, King faced criticism for offering $50 to a homeless man to take on the spicy “One Chip Challenge.” The rapper challenged the man to complete the task without drinking water for five minutes after eating the chip. In a video clip, King and his friends can be heard laughing as the homeless man grapples with the challenge.

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