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Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty Reportedly Ordered To Serve 120 Days On House Arrest for Threatening Offset

Kenneth Petty's 120-Day House Arrest for Threatening Offset, Nicki Minaj's Husband Faces Consequences

In a recent development, Kenneth Petty, also known as Zoo and a convicted s*x offender has been handed a substantial penalty for his menacing remarks towards Offset, husband of rapper Cardi B. A federal judge in Los Angeles has ordered up to 120 days of home arrest for Mr. Petty, citing concerns over his compliance with court orders.

This latest incident adds to Petty's troubled legal history. In July 2022, he was sentenced to one year of home confinement and three years of probation for his failure to register as a s*x offender. The court deems Petty's recent conduct as a serious violation, particularly due to the explicit threats he made while in the company of an individual with a criminal record.

The targeted individual in question is Offset, known for his association with Cardi B. The exact catalyst for Petty's outburst on social media remains unclear. However, one of his associates directed a menacing message towards Cardi B on Instagram Stories, emphasizing their non-conformity to conventional norms.

In a video statement, Petty openly declared his intention to locate Offset, delivering a chilling warning of imminent consequences. This alarming behavior prompted a release of direct messages exchanged between Petty and Offset, shedding further light on the escalating feud.

The exchange showcased Offset questioning Petty's whereabouts, to which Petty responded assertively, indicating a readiness for confrontation. 

The conversation took an increasingly hostile turn, with both parties exchanging derogatory remarks. Offset, unrelenting, characterized Petty as old and financially destitute, provoking yet another inflammatory response.

This incident underscores the urgency for authorities to address the growing animosity between the involved parties, and raises pertinent questions about the accountability of individuals, even in the public eye, for their actions and words. As the legal process unfolds, it remains to be seen how this development will impact the lives of those involved.

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