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Rode Wave Promises To Revenge On His Haters

Rod Wave Pledges to Achieve a 6-Pack as Retribution Against Detractors
Rod Wave has taken notice of the chatter swirling around his robust physique, and he's decided it's time to take a stand.

Going live on his Instagram on Friday, September 23, the Florida native directly addressed those who've been poking fun at him for a while now. He's made a bold pledge to hit the gym hard, leaving everyone astounded by the transformative outcome.
In his own words, “If you called me out my name, or if you made fun of me, I’ma get my mutherfuckin’ six-pack, n-gga, and I’m finna get everybody back, man,” he said. “Revenge, man. That’s all I’m dedicated to.”

This isn't the first occasion Rod Wave has clapped back at his critics. Just last month, he made headlines by vehemently debunking false claims circulating on blogs, particularly those concerning allegations of infidelity towards the mother of his two children, Kelsey "Dee" Coleman.

The R&B maestro confidently dismissed the cheating rumors with his significant other, setting the record straight through a series of candid posts on his Instagram Story.

Musically, Rod Wave continues to bask in the glory of his achievements as he gears up for his upcoming project. His acclaimed "Beautiful Mind" album achieved platinum status in August, marking an impressive streak of four consecutive platinum releases.

His latest single, "Call Your Friends," serves as a tantalizing precursor to Wave's highly-anticipated "Nostalgia" album, which made its debut on September 15 and stands as his final masterpiece under Alamo Records' banner.

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