YNW Melly's Ex-Girlfriend Claims Police Threatens to Arrest Her to Get Information in Rapper's Double-M*rder Case - WhatsOnRap

Mariah Hamilton Alleges Police Threats in YNW Melly's Double-Murder Case

YNW Melly's ex-girlfriend, Mariah Hamilton, has recently come forward, accusing the police of resorting to threats in order to obtain information regarding the rapper's double-murder case. In an exclusive interview with Law&Crime's Sidebar podcast, which premiered on YouTube, Hamilton disclosed that she has been evasive due to an existing warrant. She seeks to have it lifted to provide her testimony in the case.

"I'm currently wanted," she revealed to host Jesse Weber on Sidebar. "I've attempted to get the warrant lifted multiple times, but it's been an ongoing struggle with my lawyer and the prosecutor [Kristine Bradley]. So, I've chosen to keep a low profile, trying to resolve the warrant before I can come forward and share my side."

Hamilton emphasized that her reluctance is not motivated by financial concerns. Rather, it stems from her desire to avoid imprisonment for an act she didn't commit or wasn't involved in. She firmly believes that the authorities have misjudged her, presenting an inaccurate portrayal of events.

According to prosecutors, Hamilton allegedly conversed with Melly after the incident and may possess crucial information about the night in question. They also suspect that Felicia Holmes, Hamilton's mother, was in close proximity during the call, based on statements she provided to the police in 2018. Hamilton was just 17 years old at the time of the shooting.

In another revelation during the interview, Hamilton detailed instances of police intimidation in an effort to coerce her into divulging information related to Melly's double-murder case.

"Because I was his girlfriend at the time, they believed I had more knowledge than I was letting on. But I didn’t," she clarified. "So, they started pressuring me. When the incident first occurred, I was threatened. I was 17, on the brink of turning 18. They came to my house, warning me about potential charges of accessory after the fact. My mom was at a loss on what to do."

As YNW Melly awaits his second trial, the case continues to be shrouded in complexity and controversy. Hamilton's account adds a new layer of intrigue to an already intricate legal proceeding.

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