ATL Jacob Argues Kanye and Future Are 'More Influential’ for Hip-Hop Than 2Pac - WhatsOnRap

ATL Jacob says that Future is more influential than Tupac and claims that Kanye has contributed more to hiphop than Tupac

ATL Jacob Says Kanye & Future Are Much Better Than Tupac.

The famous producer ATL Jacob recently expressed an intriguing perspective on the influence of Kanye West and 2Pac in the realm of hip-hop culture. Taking to his X page, formerly known as Twitter, he shared a thought-provoking graphic indicating that 2Pac had 76 percent more impact compared to Kanye's 24 percent. This led Jacob to contemplate how this could be the case, especially considering the abundance of artists who emulate Kanye's style.
In his words, "I never seen another Tupac .. but I seen 100 Kanyes .. the influence is brazy," highlighting the unparalleled sway Kanye has had on the genre. He went on to assert, "Kanye West has done more for HipHop than Tupac .. facts."

Responding to a fan, Jacob also pointed out that Future, another prominent figure in hip-hop, holds a greater influence, stating, "Tupac was a great rapper but Future is more influential than him as an artist."

It's worth noting that ATL Jacob has a history with Ye. In 2022, he collaborated with the Chicago rap legend during the production of Donda 2, contributing to tracks like "Pablo," "Louie Bags," and "Keep It Burning." While Jacob appreciates Ye's artistry, he alluded to some challenges, hinting at payment-related issues during their collaboration.

It's worth mentioning that Donda 2 was exclusively released on Kanye's Stem Player and not on mainstream streaming platforms, which posed a unique challenge in terms of royalty collection for contributions made to the album.

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