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Blueface Responds to Sh**ting Victim's Courtroom Selfie

Blueface Responds to Victim's Courtroom Selfies in Shooting Case

Blueface found himself in a courtroom scenario when the man he had a previous altercation with decided to lighten the mood with a series of amusing selfies. As the West Coast rapper faced his hearing on October 2nd, Kentabius Traylor, the individual involved, took out his phone, snapped pictures of himself with Blueface in the background wearing a displeased expression, and promptly shared them on Twitter.

In response, Blueface could only react with a string of crying-laughing emojis, quipping, “This man showed up to court told on me just to take a picture wit me.”

This incident stems from a regrettable event in Las Vegas, NV, where Blueface was implicated in a strip club shooting that left a man injured. The rapper was duly summoned to court to answer for his actions. Traylor provided his account of the incident that occurred in 2022, explaining that Blueface opened fire after a comment was made about the car he was driving.

Subsequently, Clark County District Court judge Kathleen E. Delaney handed down a sentence of 24 to 60 months in prison. However, given the nature of the sentence, Blueface will serve this time as probation rather than incarceration.

Under the conditions of his probation, Blueface is strictly prohibited from possessing any form of alcohol or drugs, and he must refrain from having any weapons, including firearms, in his possession. Additionally, he is restricted from visiting the Strip corridor and the Downtown corridor of Las Vegas, unless it’s for work-related reasons. It’s crucial to note that any breach of these probationary terms would result in Blueface serving the remainder of his sentence in prison.

In light of the proceedings, Blueface admitted guilt to one felony count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle, along with a misdemeanor battery charge. Notably, attempted murder charges, which were initially on the table, were dismissed as part of the probation agreement.

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