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Bobby Simmons Discusses Melle Mel’s Beef with Eminem 

Bobby Simmons Comments on Melle Mel’s Beef With Eminem
Renowned DJ, producer, radio host, and well-connected figure, Bobby Simmons, recently shared his seasoned perspective on Melle Mel's approach to hip-hop rivalries.

Earlier this year, Melle Mel responded to a verse by Marshall on his protege's track "Realest," delivering a diss that left many in the hip-hop community taken aback. However, Melle Mel remained unfazed by the situation, and Bobby Simmons, who has a long-standing acquaintance with Mel, sheds light on why.

In a recent podcast episode hosted by Math Hoffa, Bobby delves into the mindset exhibited by certain veterans in the hip-hop scene, Melle Mel being one of them.
He notes that many OGs in the game believe that they're owed recognition for paving the way. It's a sentiment echoed by Mel when he asserts, "I'm such and such!" OGs feel entitled to homage because, in their eyes, "what you're doing is because of us." This conversation has come up with Mel and others of his generation. They feel this way because, during that era, hip hop was transitioning to a bigger and broader phenomenon. People began to question, "Who are you really? You're not P Diddy. You're not Irv Gotti."

Yet, as Bobby points out, there are individuals in this generation who don't rest on their past laurels but rather adapt and evolve. He singles out KRS-One as a prime example:

"KRS-One is an exceptional MC. He remains committed to his craft and keeps his skills sharp. Someone like Mel, on the other hand, doesn't maintain that edge. Mel's attitude is more like, 'I'm here. You know I'm here, you see why I'm here. Respect it.' And that's fine. I have to emphasize this: Mel's contribution to hip hop is one of the most respected in its history. 'The Message' is undeniably one of the most impactful rap records. I say 'one of' deliberately. It resonates even today."
Bobby also touches on Mel's involvement in the Eminem controversy, highlighting Mel's nonchalance about the outcome. Mel's been through similar situations multiple times, including battles with Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One. He may have lost those battles, but it didn't faze him. Bobby emphasizes that what mattered to Mel was being recognized as the one who dared to step into the ring.

While Bobby offers intriguing insights into the comparison between Melle Mel and Eminem, he also makes it clear that his motivation differs from The Game's recent challenges to Eminem, asserting that for The Game, it wasn't about hip hop, but rather, personal matters.

While opinions on the Melle Mel-Marshall comparison may vary, Bobby Simmons' observations provide a thought-provoking perspective, much like his captivating stories from the hip-hop world.

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