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Coi Leray Reacts After Being Hit With Object Onstage

Coi Leray Assertively Responds to Onstage Incident Involving Object
Coi Leray has made it so clear that she won't tolerate any nonsense during her concerts, particularly when it involves hurling objects at her onstage.

The footage, the date of which remains unknown, spread like wildfire across social media on Wednesday (October 5), showing the moment the emerging Hip-Hop sensation was struck in the head by an unidentified object. Coi swiftly addressed the culprit, leaving no room for doubt about her stance.

“I’m from Jersey!” she roared. “I will really smack the f*ck out of you. Don’t f*cking play with me! Keep that shit on cute or put it the f*ck on mute, bit*h!”

In the relatively brief time she's been in the mainstream limelight, Benzino's daughter has built a reputation for her sharp comebacks and fiery personality. Back in August, she grabbed headlines when she shut down a fan who slid into her DMs attempting to make a move — with a little help from artificial intelligence.
Their exchange went viral on social media after the fan shared their Instagram DM conversation along with video commentary. Admitting he was surprised that the “Players” artist responded at all, the fan wasn't so lucky as Coi gave him a clear message.

“Not even lying, give me one date and it will be the best night you ever had,” the bold admirer claimed as he entered Coi’s DMs. To this, she responded: “What’s the date?”

He then enlisted the help of Facemoji’s GPT A.I. to suggest date ideas, one of which involved "taking a boat ride and watching the sunset."

However, the 26-year-old rap star wasn’t impressed and responded with a savage remark: “How about you take a boat ride out of my dm’s." Admitting his defeat, he lamented that he's now zero for six when it comes to making moves on women online.

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