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Drake Could Be Dissing Pusha T On “For All The Dogs”

Drake Takes Shots at Pusha T on "For All The Dogs
Drake's latest release, "For All the Dogs," has sparked speculation among fans that he might still be taking jabs at Pusha T.

In the pointed second verse of the track "Fear of Heights," Drizzy makes reference to Virginia, which could be a nod to King Push's home state or even his wife, Virginia Williams (a name previously mentioned in 2018's "Duppy Freestyle").

“You n-ggas some p*ssy, for real/ You n-ggas some sissy, for real/ Virginia, I pull up and chill/ You know you can’t come where I stay/ ‘Fore you get caught on a date/ ‘Fore you get put on a plate/ ‘Fore you get slid on like skates/ ‘Fore I get turned up like bass/ I know that look on they face/ Don’t tell me you’re scared of lil Drake/ Don’t tell me you’re scared of lil Aubrey,” he raps.
While fans anticipated the opening song, "Virginia Beach," to be a direct shot at Pusha T, it turned out not to be the case. However, listeners are dissecting other elements, like the airplane skit in "Calling For You," which some believe could be a playful jab at Pusha T's recent Twitter complaints about American Airlines.

The longstanding feud between Drake and Pusha T ignited in 2018 with fiery exchanges on tracks like "Duppy Freestyle" and "Story of Adidon." Drake also seemed to throw indirect shots at both King Push and Pharrell on Travis Scott's "Meltdown" from the "UTOPIA" album.

As for Pusha T's response, it remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Drake announced a hiatus from music to prioritize his health, suggesting that we might not hear from him in the music scene for a while.

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