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Foolio Got Sh*t In Jacksonville

Rapper Foolio Sh*t in Hometown: Details and Updates
Jacksonville rapper Foolio, whose real name is Charles Jones, was reportedly involved in a concerning incident in his hometown on Friday night, October 6, as per multiple sources. The news initially circulated through an Instagram Story post on his account, believed to be from one of his parents. The heartfelt message, posted on Saturday, October 7, requested prayers for Foolio's recovery, accompanied by a prayer hands emoji. It revealed the distressing news that he had been sh*t in what he described as his "hating city."
This unfortunate event marks another instance of violence in the rapper's life, underscoring the challenges he faces. We extend our deepest well-wishes for his swift recuperation and brighter days ahead.
Law enforcement sources have reportedly confirmed the incident to WTLV-TV Jacksonville. According to these reports, Foolio sustained a gunsh*t wound to the foot during the incident. As of this writing, the severity of his injuries remains uncertain. 

The sh**ting occurred in the vicinity of the 3100 block on 18th Street W., near a residential area just a stone's throw away from the Paxon School for Advanced Studies. A stark image obtained by First Coast News reveals his black Dodge Challenger, the vehicle he was driving at the time, riddled with bullet holes.

Additionally, insiders have informed First Coast News that Foolio has chosen not to cooperate with police authorities in this case. Whether this information was directly from the rapper or garnered from other sources is unclear. 

Further details indicate that he was transported to U.F. Health Jacksonville for medical attention. At present, there is limited additional information available, but we anticipate more comprehensive updates in the days to come.

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