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Gillie Da Kid Responds To Birdman, “I’m Bigger Than That Ni**a Right Now”

Gillie Da Kid Claims Superiority Over Birdman Amid Feud

Birdman's recent Clubhouse conversation was a fascinating glimpse into the current happenings within the music industry. While many found it insightful, not everyone was equally impressed. Gille Da Kid, in particular, seemed less than enthralled with the insights shared by the Cash Money Records CEO.

Birdman openly discussed the events that led to his falling out with the podcaster, emphasizing that he holds no ill will towards Gillie. However, Million Dollaz Worth of Game host was not one to be swayed. "I'm bigger than Baby. Ain't that [wild]?" asserted the Philadelphia native during a recent Instagram Live session."I'm bigger than that ni**a right now. I generate more money than that ni**a right now. I don't wanna hear this s**t. Motherf**kers counting me out and I'm f**king bigger than you,"  Gillie exclaimed, clearly animated by Birdman's comments about their past. "Shut up. Nobody give a f**k about you," he declared for all to hear.

Later in the same stream, Gillie couldn't help but highlight Birdman's prolonged silence on the matter. "Birdman took an awfully long time to speak up, man. I can't even formulate a response 25 years later," he called out to his former mentor. "You only respond because you don't hear the roar of the crowd no more... I done called you a b**ch a** ni**a for 25 years. 25 years later you respond... I see the way you treated a real ni**a, rest in peace Killer Stone. You could've never treated me like that though. Talkin, 'I ain't like what.' Why it took you 25 years to say that though?"  he added with a chuckle.
In addition to addressing his rift with Gillie Da Kid on Clubhouse, Birdman also delved into his past association with Rick Ross. While he played a pivotal role in Rozay's early career, it's rumored that they're no longer in contact.

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