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Ice Spice Praises Pete Davidson with Sweet Compliments in 'SNL' Promo Following Dating Rumors

Ice Spice & Pete Davidson Playfully Address Dating Rumors in SNL Promo
Ice Spice and Pete Davidson seem to be having fun with the dating speculation that swirled around them, as evident in their latest promo for Saturday Night Live.

The rapper and comedian are set to grace the stage as musical guest and host, respectively, for the season premiere of SNL on Saturday (October 14). In a trio of teasers released a day before the show, the duo, alongside Keenan Thompson, playfully bantered about Pete's charming ways.
When Keenan asked if Pete's mom would be coming, Pete quipped affirmatively, explaining they share a car. “You share a car? That’s weird,”  Keenan responded, prompting the "Deli" rapper to interject, "I think it's sweet." Keenan wrapped up the clip with a wry remark,  “Wow it really be working for you, huh?”
The dating buzz around Ice Spice and Pete Davidson sparked conversations on social media back in February. As for Davidson's romantic history, it's becoming quite the lineup, with his current association being with Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline. He's had substantial relationships with the likes of Ariana Grande, model Emily Ratajkowski, actor Kate Beckinsale, and most notably, Kim Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice is enjoying her own romantic connection, though she's chosen to keep her partner's identity under wraps.

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