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Kodak Black Claims Big Boi And T.I. Tried To Tank His Record Deal

Kodak Black Claims T.I. and Big Boi Attempted to Get Him Dropped from Atlantic Records

Kodak Black recently voiced his Complaints towards T.I. and Big Boi, accusing them of trying to have him removed from Atlantic Records. In a candid interview on the latest episode of Drink Champs, when asked about UGK and OutKast, Kodak didn't mince his words, urging everyone to "exclude" Big Boi from the conversation. 

He went on to claim that both Big Boi and T.I. attempted to have him ousted from Atlantic Records, expressing his strong displeasure. “Exclude him,” he said. “That fuck n-gga tried to get me kicked off the label. He tried to get me kicked off Atlantic — him and T.I. Bitch-ass.”

Kodak also shared some reflections on how he used to see a resemblance between T.I. and Big Boi, back when he was younger. He added: “I ain’t gon’ lie, when I was a young n-gga right, I used to always say like how T.I. looked on the ATL movie and shit, I used to always say Big Boi look like T.I. Like, a little bit of T.I., then you get the C-Murder, and shit.”

The interview teaser, released earlier in the week, sparked concerns among fans about Kodak's demeanor during the conversation. Many noted a noticeable shift in his body language, prompting discussions about his well-being.

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