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Lil Tay reacts to Eminem's "Killshot" mention Half a Decade Later

Lil Tay Reacts to Eminem's 'Killshot' Mention After Five Years
Lil Tay has recently resurfaced in response to Eminem’s mention in “Killshot,” a diss track directed at Machine Gun Kelly that made waves over five years ago.

Approximately a month after her family announced her passing in a now-deleted Instagram post, Tay surprised her followers with a new music video for her latest track, “Sucker 4 Green.”
In an effort to promote her fresh single, she engaged in a Question-and-answer session on her Discord channel, candidly addressing queries from her inquisitive fans, including those about Eminem.

“Outstreamed the rapper who dissed me too.” she confidently declared in one of her comments. And in another, she retorted,“‘feel like I’m babysitting lil tay’ ooopsie, I wouldn’t give you the PLEASURE of being with me boooo”
Lil tay eminem react kill shot

Eminem's reference to Lil Tay comes from "Killshot," his counter to Machine Gun Kelly’s “RAP DEVIL,” itself a response to Eminem’s track "Not Alike" from the August 2018 album "Kamikaze."

In Eminem's lyrics, he spits, “Got more fans than you in your own city, lil’ kiddy, go play / Feel like I’m babysitting Lil Tay.”
This was a direct counter to MGK's line in "Rap Devil": “But you’re just a bully actin’ like a baby / So I gotta read you a nursery (nursery).” Eminem’s response cleverly likens MGK to Lil Tay, a meme-like persona not meant to be taken too seriously.

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