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Soulja Boy Calls Out Lil Yachty's Claim of Being the First Rapper to Stream on Twitch

Soulja Boy Sets the Record Straight on Twitch Legacy Amidst Lil Yachty's Claim
Soulja Boy, a famous rapper, has always been one to pioneer new trends in the industry. While he may not always have concrete evidence to support his claims, he remains steadfast in setting the record straight. It's wise not to challenge his "firsts" unless you're prepared for his unwavering response. The ensuing exchanges often result in uproarious banter, though to Big Draco, it's a matter of utmost seriousness.

Recently, Lil Yachty threw his hat into the "first" ring. In a video declaration, Yachty boldly asserted that he was the inaugural rapper to embark on Twitch streaming. This proclamation raised eyebrows, given T-Pain's established presence on the platform. 
Yachty, while undoubtedly a talented artist, isn't necessarily synonymous with streaming. After all, the true maestro of rapper-dominated Twitch streams undeniably remains Soulja Boy. His spectacular Among Us sessions were nothing short of a phenomenon, a fact he didn't hesitate to remind Yachty of in a recent video.

In Soulja Boy's passionate retort, he not only addressed Yachty but also drew attention to Drake. He articulated his frustration with the duo, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging his monumental contributions to the industry. 
Soulja Boy's Twitch journey is a source of immense pride for him, and he is determined not to have it downplayed. One could argue that throughout his illustrious career, he's often found himself underrated and underappreciated. Hence, it's perfectly understandable why he feels compelled to continually reiterate his groundbreaking achievements.

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