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Suge Knight’s Praise For NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy's Unapologetic Journey: Suge Knight Applauds a Rising Rap Icon
NBA YoungBoy continues to be a Controversial figure in the rap world, boasting one of the most fervent fan bases while also attracting a fair share of critics. He often feels like even platforms like YouTube work against him, but despite these challenges, he's undeniably left a mark on both listeners and the industry at large. 

While the media might not paint him as an underdog, his stance towards the industry seems more confrontational than eager to conform. Nevertheless, he resonates deeply with a substantial audience, including none other than Suge Knight. In a recent episode of his prison podcast, Suge Knight paid his respects to the rising "Don't Try This At Home" artist - in the form of cigars.
"But you still got people still in the game doing well,"  began the Death Row Records mogul. "And they deserve their cigars. you know? It's just like... NBA YoungBoy. Man, I like that lil' young motherf***er. He deserves his cigar. He talk s**t, he about that life. You know, he march to his own motherf***ing beat, you know?"

Even if YoungBoy's style, output, or persona might not align with your taste, Suge Knight's assessment is hard to dispute. YoungBoy's prolificacy and relentless work ethic are evident in his extensive discography, a testament to his unwavering grind. While he's recently explored different sounds, like hopping on the rage wave, he still has one more album slated for release this year, which might reshape discussions around his influences. Regardless of the territories he explores with his music, it's abundantly clear that his artistry is authentically his own.

Moreover, YoungBoy's aversion to industry figures and longstanding feuds further underline his independent spirit. While he might not always resonate with the old guard, Suge Knight deserves props for staying in tune with the current landscape. Perhaps one day, this dynamic will evolve, but for now, YoungBoy's status as a bona fide star within the game is being solidified on his own terms.

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