The Game Says He's Going To Be The First Rapper To Sign An Artist In Each State - WhatsOnRap

The Game is About To Sign Up To 50 Rappers In Every State

The Game's Reveals His Ambitious Plan To Sign 50 Rappers Across the States
The Game is embarking on a mission to uncover talent across the United States, with an ambitious goal in mind, signing an artist from every single state.

Taking to his Instagram, the renowned rapper made an exciting announcement. "Imma be da first rapper to sign an artist in each state. Tag drop names below imma be glued to my DMs let's go," he enthusiastically declared.

While the prospect of catching The Game's attention is undoubtedly thrilling for aspiring artists, it's important to exercise caution when reaching out. The Game has faced allegations in the past of attempting to exploit unsigned rappers.

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