Yo Gotti’s Older Brother “BIG JOOK“ Has Reportedly Been Sh*t & K*lled In Memphis | WhatsOnRap

Yo Gotti’s big brother Jook has reportedly been k*lled. The internet speculates it’s “retaliation” for Young Dolph.

Yo Gotti's Brother Big Jook Fatally Sh*t, Sparks Speculation in the Wake of Young Dolph's Events.

The incident occurred in East Memphis, marking a devastating loss for Yo Gotti and his family. Big Jook, whose real name is Anthony Mims, reportedly suffered ten g*nshot wounds, adding a layer of brutality to this already heartbreaking situation. 

The timing and circumstances surrounding the sh**ting have sparked widespread speculation, with many questioning whether this could be a retaliatory act in the wake of the events involving Young Dolph.

Some footage of the incident has surfaced on the internet:

Young Dolph, a fellow Memphis rapper, tragically lost his life in a targeted sh**ting just weeks ago. The proximity of Big Jook's sh**ting to these events has intensified speculation about potential connections between the two incidents. However, at this early stage, no concrete details have been reported, and the story is rapidly evolving.

As of now, no additional details have been disclosed, and the narrative is in a state of flux. The story is developing, with law enforcement agencies working diligently to unravel the circumstances surrounding Big Jook's untimely death. The motive behind the sh**ting remains a subject of intense speculation, and the potential ties to the recent events involving Young Dolph add an element of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

Stay Tuned for Updates, as the story continues to evolve on this tragic incident and its implications within the hip-hop landscape.

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