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Adin Ross Claims He'd Offer $1,000,000 For a Collaboration With Eminem During Kick Livestream | WhatsOnRap

Adin Ross Says He'd Offer $1,000,000 To Eminem For a Collaboration

Adin Ross Makes Million-Dollar Offer to Eminem for Exclusive Livestream Collaboration
Famous streamer Adin Ross recently expressed his eagerness to collaborate with Eminem, offering a substantial $1,000,000 during a live stream on his Kick channel.

In the course of a livestream, Adin Ross stumbled upon an old Eminem freestyle video while reviewing submissions on his official Discord server. Ross, a fan of Eminem, hailed the Detroit legend as the "greatest rapper of all time," likening him to the Michael Jordan of rap. 

He shared his perspective on the current state of rap, emphasizing Eminem's dedication to the craft by revealing the rapper's past habit of reading the dictionary daily to enhance his lyrical prowess.
Expressing his admiration, Ross posed a question to his audience: "Do you think he will link with me?" The streamer, addressing Eminem's age of 50, stated emphatically, "I would pay a million dollars to do an Eminem stream. I swear to god. In my life, I would pay Eminem. I swear on god, I would pay an M for Eminem."

Adin Ross delved into Eminem's history, highlighting the challenges the rapper faced, including real-life cancellations and being blackballed from various platforms. He recalled Eminem's controversial statements and actions, noting the rapper's fearless approach in an era without the influence of social media.

Undeterred by Eminem's past controversies, Ross called on Paul Rosenberg and David Stromberg, key figures in Eminem's management, to facilitate the collaboration. Ross expressed confidence in his knowledge of Eminem's life, asserting that an interview between them would be the "greatest interview stream of all time." He humorously noted their shared experiences as "both drug addicts in some form of a way."

Adin Ross's offer to collaborate with Eminem on his livestream not only reflects his admiration for the rapper but also underscores the potential for engaging and insightful content that could emerge from such a collaboration. As the story unfolds, fans will be keen to see if Eminem responds to this intriguing proposition.

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