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Footage of Alleged Shooting Involving A$AP Rocky and A$AP Relli Revealed for the First Time in Court

A$AP Rocky Trial: A$AP Relli Testifies About Alleged Sh**ting Incident

Two years after the incident, Terell Ephron, formerly known as A$AP Relli, finally spoke in court about what happened the night he claimed A$AP Rocky sh*t him.

Ephron shared details about his relationship with the famous rapper and the tension that arose as Rocky's fame grew. The breaking point came when Rocky allegedly failed to fulfill a promise to help a deceased Mob member's family.

On November 6, 2021, Ephron alleges that Rocky contacted him, demanding to know his whereabouts. They arranged to meet at a Los Angeles hotel, where Rocky arrived with several companions. According to Ephron, Rocky pulled out a g*n and threatened him, saying, "I'll k*ll you right now."

While Ephron wasn't sh*t at that moment, he claims g*nfire erupted shortly after they parted ways. He felt a searing pain in his hand and later testified that Rocky sh*t him four times before fleeing. Ephron admitted that fear prevented him from contacting the police until the following day.

Grainy footage of the purported sh**ting was presented in court, potentially crucial to the case. The video showed a group of men involved in a scuffle at a Los Angeles intersection. Although the sh**ting wasn't clear without enhancement, one person was seen sprinting away while the others scattered. Ephron commented, "It’s a little blurry, but you can make out everybody."

In addition to the assault case, Ephron has filed a defamation lawsuit against both Rocky and his attorney, Joe Tacopina. Ephron alleges that Tacopina's media campaign painted him as a liar and opportunist, resulting in death threats and humiliation.

Tacopina responded, stating, "This is actually nothing more than a publicity stunt which is going to backfire badly. I more than welcome this lawsuit especially because the resolution of the criminal case has not happened yet."

During the court proceedings, Ephron directed words at Tacopina, saying, "You're just paid to be here. Me and this man knew each other for years."

Rocky has pleaded not guilty and was present for Ephron's testimony. The hearing is scheduled to resume on Thursday, November 9.

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