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AZ Delves into Why He and Nas Never Collaborated on a Joint Album Despite 'Illmatic' Chemistry

Illustrious Chemistry: AZ Unveils the Untold Story Behind the Absence of a Nas Collaborative Album
AZ, renowned for his work with Nas, explains the absence of a collaborative album on Esso’s Bag Fuel podcast. Despite their history and chemistry, the two rap legends never embarked on a joint project. While both contributed to Nas’ iconic 1994 album "Illmatic" and were part of The Firm, alongside Foxy Brown and Nature, a dedicated collaborative album never materialized.

Speaking on Esso’s Bag Fuel podcast, AZ shared insights into why they never pursued a joint project: “We did so much music; look how long we've been in the game. Now, it’s like he has other things he needs to accomplish, as well as myself. He’s his own man. So that’s where we're at. He has dreams and aspirations of his own.”
In the 2022 documentary "Jewels, Gems & Treasures," AZ received recognition from rap figures, including Nas and Buckwild. Nas acknowledged AZ's ability to carve his own path, stating, “He created a lane for himself. He didn’t want to go where anybody else went, where I went, where this guy went.”

AZ made his debut on Nas’ “Life’s a Bitch” before releasing his debut album, "Doe or Die," in 1995. He earned a Grammy nomination for his collaboration with Nas on “The Essence,” featured on his fourth album, "Aziatic."
The rap veterans last collaborated in 2020 on Nas’ "King’s Disease" album, joining other members of The Firm and Dr. Dre on “Full Circle.” Despite AZ's 2021 release of "Doe or Die II," a full-fledged collaborative album with Nas remains elusive. While Nas continues his prolific streak, AZ reflects on their shared history and individual aspirations.

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