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Druski’s Chain Stolen By Birdman And Crew In New Security Footage

Birdman Displays Snatched Chain in Triumph Over Druski's Coulda Been Records
Hip-hop mogul Birdman and comedian Druski's long-running parody beef has taken an unexpected turn, escalating from online barbs to a physical confrontation. The incident, captured on CCTV footage, has left fans wondering whether the feud is genuine or a staged publicity stunt.
Druski, the mastermind behind the parody label Coulda Been Records, has been poking fun at Birdman's Cash Money Records for months, using his comedic persona to mimic the music mogul's mannerisms and business practices. Birdman, initially amused by the parody, has recently grown increasingly frustrated, leading to a series of heated exchanges on social media.
On Friday, Birdman shared a photo on Instagram of himself holding a chain with the Coulda Been logo, accompanied by the caption "SURPRISE PARTY B*TCH/ SLIPPIN IN STUDIO/ RICHGANG." The following day, TMZ published CCTV footage showing Birdman and two associates confronting Druski and his crew inside a studio. The video shows a brief physical altercation before Druski and his crew retreat.
Druski has remained tight-lipped about the incident, telling Forbes, "Hey man, y'all just gotta keep watching. You see I gotta peek behind my back. We here, man. When your idols turn to rivals, that's what they say. I ain't saying too much. That's all I'mma say."

While the nature of the Birdman-Druski feud remains unclear, whether staged or real, the incident has undoubtedly fueled the narrative and drawn further attention to both parties. The ongoing saga has left fans guessing whether this is the end of the parody beef or just another chapter in their ongoing rivalry.

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