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Chrisean Rock Says She Threw Phone At Coi Leray

Chrisean Rock Unearths Feud with Coi Leray Over Collaboration, Offers Insight into Post-Childbirth Media Presence
Chrisean Rock is no stranger to celebrity conflicts, both on and off the set of the Baddies reality TV show. Recently, she spilled the beans about a heated exchange with Coi Leray, sparked by a failed collaboration and proximity to her then-flame, Blueface

According to Rock's candid revelations on The Jason Lee Show, it seems the MC was putting on a facade, trying to downplay any tensions between them. Evidently, Rock wasn't willing to play along and had her own stance on the matter.

"I thought she wanted to do a collab on some music, but really she was just trying to out me out the plan and bag my n***a and some other s**t," Chrisean Rock expressed. "I'm like, 'You can have [him], I just want the verse.'...We fell out because she wanted what she wanted. She had a hidden agenda when she hung out with me." 

The Baltimore native went on to recount their encounter on GloRilla's tour bus earlier this year, while she was still pregnant. "[Coi Leray] in everybody face,"  Chrisean Rock emphasized. "She know we not cool. You can ask anybody that was right there. N***a, I took out my phone, I'll buy a new one, I threw that b***h at her face. She just wanna sit in my face and smile. I ain't know what it was. But I didn't give a f**k what it was."

In the midst of this revelation, Chrisean Rock also shed light on her current situation, providing insight into the headlines, controversies, and major developments that have defined her post-childbirth journey in the public eye.

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