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Danny Brown Opens Up About the Difficulty of Working with Eminem

Danny Brown on Eminem Collaboration and Slim Shady's Enduring Impact on His Career

Danny Brown, in the wake of his new album "Quaranta," discusses working with Eminem and the impact Slim Shady has had on his career. In an exclusive interview with Vulture magazine, Brown expresses his admiration for Eminem's approach to music and reflects on the challenges of collaboration due to Eminem's tight-knit circle.

The Detroit rapper, known for his unique style and perspective, sheds light on the dynamics of the Detroit music scene, particularly in the context of the collaboration "Detroit vs. Everybody." Despite having met Eminem only once, Brown conveys his desire for more collaborations, acknowledging the difficulty given Eminem's selective collaborations.

In a broader conversation about Eminem's influence, Danny Brown emphasizes the veteran rapper's enduring passion for the craft. Discussing Eminem's fearless approach and refusal to conform to industry expectations, Brown commends the legendary rapper for staying true to his artistic vision. 

He recounts the experience of opening for Eminem at Wembley Stadium, describing it as a pivotal moment in his career. "I would love that. I only met him one time. It is kind of hard to work with him, I feel. He has got his small circle, and that is all he f–ks with. You can not blame him."

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Furthermore, Danny Brown reflects on how Eminem's legacy and authenticity have inspired him personally. He appreciates Eminem's ability to transcend generational expectations in hip-hop, noting that Eminem's influence goes beyond making hits to creating music he genuinely enjoys. Brown attributes elements of his own style to Eminem's impact, highlighting the profound influence the rap icon has had on his artistic journey.

As Danny Brown navigates the transition to releasing future albums on his own label, Bruiser Brigade Records, the interview provides insights into the complexities of collaboration in the Detroit music scene and the enduring legacy of Eminem.

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