DJ Akademiks Claims Drake Attempted to End Beef with 'Close Friend' SZA During 'Friendly' Phone Call - WhatsOnRap

Drake Urged Akademiks to Resolve Dispute with 'Close Friend' SZA

DJ Akademiks recounts Drake's intervention in his beef with SZA, emphasizing their strong bond.
In a recent discussion with DJ Vlad, DJ Akademiks recounted a call he received from Drake during the time of his feud with SZA. Akademiks described the conversation as cordial, revealing that Drake and SZA share a close friendship and were working on an album together. 

Drake's intention was to explore the possibility of finding common ground. However, Akademiks made it clear that he had unresolved issues dating back a few years, and he needed to address them. He emphasized that he held no personal animosity towards SZA, expressing his admiration for her and even publicly conveying his support on his platform.
SZA has been the subject of Akademiks' criticism on multiple occasions, with the most recent incident occurring in August of this year. Akademiks faced significant backlash for body-shaming SZA on his extensive social media presence. 

His comments sparked widespread criticism as he made derogatory remarks about her appearance. While Drake attempted to mediate in this situation, he himself has not been immune to Akademiks' outspoken nature. 
Recently, Drake faced scrutiny over his silence on the Israel-Palestine conflict, leading Akademiks to speculate about the reasons behind Drake's cautious approach. Akademiks further delved into Drake's Jewish heritage, suggesting that Drake may have shifted away from being solely identified as a "Jewish rapper."

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