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Watch DJ Khaled's Reaction to Eminem Gifting Him 'Mom's Spaghetti' Sauce

Eminem's 'Mom's Spaghetti' Sauce Sells Out Fast, DJ Khaled Expresses Gratitude for the Special Gift
Just last week, the Detroit rapper Eminem, excitedly announced the launch of his "Mom's Spaghetti" Pasta Sauce, sending waves of anticipation through social media channels. As soon as the sauce made its debut on the official Mom's Spaghetti website, eager fans rushed to grab a taste, resulting in a swift sell-out within a matter of hours. Curt Catallo, co-owner of Union Joints restaurant group and a partner in this flavorful venture, reported the sauce's rapid success.

Adding to the excitement, "Monday Night Football" on ABC/ESPN recently gave a nod to Mom's Spaghetti, highlighting Eminem's restaurant and its delectable meatballs during the broadcast. It's clear that Eminem's culinary endeavor is making its mark far beyond the realm of music.
In a gracious expression, Eminem shared his pasta sauce with friends before it flew off the shelves, and one lucky recipient was none other than DJ Khaled

In a video shared on his social media, the Miami-based hype man expressed his gratitude, saying: "Bless up the legendary Eminem. Shout out to Paul. Eminem, thank you for this beautiful gift. ‘Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce. Chef Melissa, please, make me some spaghetti. Eminem, thank you brother. Paul, nothing but love brother, bless up." 

This culinary gift has clearly struck a chord of appreciation in Khaled, and it's safe to say the sauce is leaving an indelible mark on those who've had the pleasure of trying it.

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